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Journal of an Autobot

Bad habits

The war was not going well, The Decepticons was holding most of Cybetron..
On Earth the tables where turned with us Autobots preventing the ‘cons from securing a large beachhead to land troops on! So most of us were consistently on scouting missions around the earth. This week I was assigned to the old “iron curtain states” and it was boring mind-numbingly boring!! Cruising the old battered roadways I hadn’t seen anything remotely close to a ‘con. Well Humans had assaulted me a couple of times but they always Run as hell when I transform. Then when I was trying to uplink to a satellite to browse the net the whole damn road exploded!

“Wakey wakey, Autoscum”

Blast, it was Spinister! Only he would have a pink and green colour scheme on an Apache! I transformed and jumped away from his next bunch of Hellfire’s that tore up the road!

“Get away from me you lunatic” I screamed back and launched a Stinger at him, a plan was forming in my mind. Spinister just disappeared as he used to do. I Started to run erratically around in the field beside the road making sure to both look and sound as if a was a scared from my wits silently dropping cluster munitions on the ground as I ran.

“You should paint yourself yellow so all know who you are, Targetlock” Spinister screamed as he appeared from nowhere and flew over me almost cutting my head off.

“Eat dirt, rotorhead” I screamed back at him and ignited the cluster munitions and dove behind an old ruin. The blast hit Spinister from below and destroyed his rotors causing him to hit the ground hard but not hard to knock him out!

“I will kill you for this autoscum” he screamed and I took the moment to give him a boot in the rear! Hand to hand combat ensured and I had to admit that Spinister was better than me but with his glass jaw he won’t win any fights! One punch and his lights went out. Humans are right, Martial arts are fun.

“Nighty night Spinsty” I said and shunted him into my subspace compartment. I transformed to Jetmode and flew of to Autobot city. Poor Spinister, beaten by the fact that he always scares the hell out of his victims before he kill them! I held radio silence because if the ‘cons had a base there. Spinsty would never had radioed them and told them about me and I was sure Soundwave would have picked up any attempt of me radioing for backup.

Wonders how long it will take?
Ratchet and Prowl would argue about who’d get him first!
Prime will then decide that he should be patched up first and interrogated afterwards….
It would be a fun day with out patrolling…

The end!